Thursday, May 31, 2007


di napaghahalatang matakaw hehe...

Ocean Basket seafoods platter for 1 (good for two sa Pinas) yum!
in News Cafe' where everybody is ordering coffee and other drinks, kmi lng ata umorder ng bandehado haha!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A friend once asked me how could I leave something I love, which is investments, and change careers just like that? Well, I had a ready comeback which I am blogging about now.

I am not leaving investments. I am merely taking a break to attend to another love interest that is traveling.

My new job is offering me that opportunity. It's actually a dream come true because I always dreamt of traveling especially if I could do it on my own money, ability or merit. I did not dream of doing it by borrowing other people's money or going as a free loader on my parents' trip. However, my other option of traveling using my own money will be hard to bear because transportation alone will take a chunk out of my savings. So the only option left is for someone to send me in return for the use of my abilities. And...I did it. So off to Africa for my first assignment.

However, like other kinds of "love"...some may fade, some won't last. Of course, this kind of "love" is not really love at all but mere infatuation or fascination. Now, is mine love or just infatuation?

I won't sit and wait to find out because I'm trying my very best to LOVE the hell out of my job. AJA!