Sunday, September 30, 2007

missing and wishing

i don't know if i should write about it here. it is some feeling within me...some vague feeling of sadness that may be too personal to share. but i want to let it out, to shout it out even if only in the blogosphere...

i wish i have more time to spend in a day so i can be with the people i miss the most.

i wish to know if they want to be with me too. i may be missing them but the question is, are they missing me? i have been absent from their lives for a while...and i want to be back in their lives because i love them.

i wish there is more of me so i can go around and make them all feel special to me.

i also wish i can be honest and bold enough to show that one special person how i feel.

i feel that i am being detached from what i know, from what i believe. new emotions. i wish i can cope, i wish and i wish some more...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

P&G Pension Plan Event

so as i was trying to update my blog here thus the consecutive posts. now, regarding my non-work activity that kept me well past midnight in the office: i am one of the participants for a dancing competition that pits P&G business units in the Phils againts each other. this is called "P&G Pension Plan Celebration" primarily because this is to pay tribute to P&G retirees "pensioned" off by the company.

there are only three P&G units in Phils: Cabuyao Plant, GBS, and MDO. the P&G Cabuyao plant has a history of winning and they have been champions for the past three years where as P&G GBS (our group) came close but never won any title. so here i am, a new hire practicing with my fellow new hires for 2 weeks almost every night. i have been sleepless, i have muscles aches from neck to feet, and i have black and blue spots on different body parts due to "career" practices =D

finally, the day of the competition came. we're still polishing our moves while watching competitors practice. we were trying to measure how we will fare but would think the moves are top secrets because nobody is willing to show anything before the competition (that's how competitive we are :D) then came the performance:

(pardon the pictures, it contains mostly me since i own the blog haha! thanks to

so we pulled off our dance routines with very minor glitches and from our winning looks, costumes, and stances i guess you can surmise that we won! yehey! for the first time after many years and after many sleepless nights..we won!

let me congratulate my fellow new hires and the committee who helped in achieving this success.

this really marks a significant milestone in my stay with P&G. thank you for letting me contribute :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

updating my blog...recording my life

so many things have happened since i joined P&G. this past two weeks alone i experienced talking for hours in a day with foreign clients, beating deadlines, doing extra-curricular (or should I say extra-non-work activities) till the wee hours of the morning, reaching home at 2:00 am, readying again for work at 6:30 am and so and and so forth.

nevertheless, the harder things become, the more rewarded i feel when i deliver. my job of the past 5 mos is really satisfying.

so here i am finding the time to blog even though i am very busy. i know that i am not that good a writer and notoriously lazy at that. nevertheless, i am aiming to capture snippets of my life and share it with you who may care to read =D

so here are my team mates in P&G. This picture is from our team building activity in Canyon Woods Tagaytay.

(from left to right nancy, rhea, me, ruth, micoo)

there used to be a guy in the team and a model at that! but he's off to another function now and being replaced by another lady =D now we're an all-girls team. so get to meet my team mates :)