Thursday, July 31, 2008

before July ends

ayan! gusto ko lng may ma-ipost nmn ako for this month.

medyo nkkpagod lng. gusto ko na tlga magbakasyon. looking forward ako sa Bora para nmn mkpgsaya tlga. pero prang hindi din kc ang taba ko na. ang gulo haha!

masaya din kc nanalo ang Ginebra sa semi-finals. wala man lng panama ang Red Bull. so nsa Championship na ang Ginebra. ayain ko si mama manood kami ng live. Pag nanalo ang Magnolia sa kabila, Ginebra vs Magnolia sa finals. ayain ko na din sa papa kc maka-San Miguel (Magnolia) yun eh.

malungkot lng dn kc may isa akong kaibigan na cya yung tipo ng tao na healthy-living nmn. pero ang sakit tlga walang pinipili. may mga klase ng sakit na pang malusog, pang sobrang malinis, pang sobrang dumi, etc. prang walang ligtas, kht ano pa lifestyle mo, andyan tlga ang sakit.

yun lng. medyo kung anu-ano lng ang iniisip ko sa mga oras na to.

Monday, June 30, 2008

let me vent for a while...

grabeh brain drain!!! sakit sa ulo!!! grrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

rainy days

rainy days are here again and it's my first time to experience it in my new place. have i mentioned i moved to a new place? yep, moved out i did.

i am trying to claim a piece of independence but still, i did mention that i get depressed on rainy days. so am here on my own, bored and missing mom.

i want to go home!!! ='(

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Avenue Q

oh and hey aside from watching a movie last Sunday, i also watched a play the previous day (Saturday).

Avenue Q reached me via word-of-mouth regales and finally, i was able to watch it with my friends. what made this play unique is the use of puppets we knew from childhood. it makes a mockery of our naivete back when everything was so uncomplicated to us since we were sheltered from all life's complications at a young age.

in Avenue Q, we see these puppets from our childhood but they are presented in a new light tackling different society issues from racial discrimination, homosexuality, education, underemployment, and human relationships. the simple plot revolved around young Princeton's carefree-turned-complicated life by the said issues. with the use of effective punch lines and songs, the issues were presented in a lighter tone, yet the reality bites are still there.

overall, i loved the play! =)

my first accomplishment in my top 10

here it it is! finally :D

i was able to do one of my "top 10 things to do before i turn 24" and that was to watch a movie on my own.

last june 15 i watched "Kung Fu Panda" in Greenbelt Cinema 4 all on my own =D yey! i had lots of fun since the movie was really well created. the animation combined with the good plot made for an over feel-good movie that when i left the cinema, i was still smiling.

and true to my goal, my main take away from this movie is a quote from master oogway and that is when he said to Po, "yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that's why we call it the present".

so while i am still young, i plan to seize the day and live in the present for the moment i am living in will never be here again. i need to savor it and feel it.

that's one goal nailed down! =D

here are some pictures i got during the closing credits jst so i have a remembrance from this milestone haha! =D i cnt get a picture of myself though since it was too dark in my seat and my cellphone doesn't have a built in flash.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

top 10 things to do before I turn 24

i will turn 24. yes, eventually I'll get to that age and I imagine sooner rather than later since time really seems to fly fast.

so here i am typing away on my laptop listing down the Top 10 things I want to do before I reach age 24. i'm doing this so that when look back and review the first quarter (or half of my life), i will have measures to judge by if i lived a full life or not.

the following items are not necessarily itemized according to importance. what's important is for me to accomplish each of them before i reach 24 years of age:

1. Do rock climbing (am looking now in nearby areas cause i know there are indoor rock climbing structures somewhere near the city)

2. Go Bungee jumping

3. Try parasailing (at least once since this is too expensive. same goes for bungee jumping)

4. Bake a cake (i love cake but never ever tried to bake one)

5. Watch a Movie on my own (I'm not sure, I can't remember if I have tried this already so I would have to do it again and remember =D)

6. Grab a nice book and read in Salcedo Park (simple pleasures)

7. Travel on my own (preferably abroad but if i can't, i'll target to travel somewhere within the Philippines but still on my own)

8. Learn to change a tire (independent woman and all the yadi yada's)

9. Go skinny dipping (somewhere totally private mind you!)

10. Increase my investment portfolio (probably get an insurance or buy new stocks. i think this is the only business-related item on my list)

i plan to take pictures once i get to do each of the above items (save for #9 of course =D) so i'll have proof that I did each of them and have a souvenir to cherish each experience.


this seems like a good way to start another chapter of my life =D nice! i like the feeling!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

three things that last

faith, hope, and love are said to be the 3 things that endure and considered to be the greatest gifts of all.

but through these gifts, we are also made to feel what we cannot have and what we already lost.

the heart is especially made to feel LOVE regardless if we fall willingly or unwillingly or if it's right or wrong. the heart continues to pine for this love because it clings to the HOPE that someday, this love will be given back. and lastly, the heart holds on to this love and hope on the basis of an unshakeable FAITH that we deserve what we long for too.

but if there are somethings that are not meant to be, somethings that can never be why then do we have faith, hope, and love?

let me answer my own question...i have faith, hope, and love to tide me over to the time when I finally find the things that are meant for me, the things that are to be. but until then, i'll cling to these three gifts that God has given me and be forever grateful to thee.