Tuesday, July 31, 2007

down days

i feel sad and depressed

i lost a chance...

i lost a friend...

i lost something i wasn't aware i had and now thoroughly miss...

Friday, July 20, 2007

vote before it's too late

ehem! as one of the minor citizens in the blogosphere, i am exercising my right to vote those who i think have great influences to bring the blogosphere into the next level.

thank you to Janette Toral for cooking up the idea in her blog Reflective Thinking - Taking the 8th Habit Challenge: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

And my votes go to:

1. The AnitoKid Chronikos - A financial analyst and information scientist's take on billiards and Philippine Sports

2. The Broken Bow - Never put your bow on a sofa, you may sit on it, as I did

3. 3X+Y - Making life simpler...but better

i wish i could exercise the same right of suffrage in Philippine government elections. i was too late though...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

4-Nation Manila Invitational Tournament

My sister and I went to Araneta Coliseum last Sunday to watch the finals of the 4-Nation Manila Invitational Tournament. We figured that if we can't make it to Tokushima, might as well watch the RP team and other foreign teams play live in Manila. It was fun and worth every penny for the unplanned travel and eating expenses (we did a lot of eating hehe).

Congrats Team Pilipinas! This tournament showed us that we can hold our own against foreign teams and the same was proven in Jone's Cup. I just hope that we'll carry this knowledge and have confidence in the coming games at FIBA Asia.

Monday, July 9, 2007

am feeling giddy today hehe.

it's always a nice feeling to win. regardless if others might say that Chinese Taipei is not really a threat to RP Team's bid for success in FIBA Asia or the Asian games, nor is the William Jones Cup a measure of what will happen in the more important tournaments. Yet, it still feels good to see the team win despite odds and recent losses. what's more heartening is when you see the Filipino OFW's actually dipping into their precious savings to give support to the national team and they were not disappointed. a crowd of 3,000 plus OFW's in the upper boxes versus the thousands more of Taiwanese supporters in the lower boxes did not have one iota of effect on the national team's performance. those 3,000 Filipino's in the upper boxes are cheering like crazy and one would think that it's Philippine's home court. as a result, RP team massacred Chinese Taipei to the delight of the Filipinos and to the disappointment of the Taiwanese home crowd.

being a Ginebra fan as well...i'm so proud of Mark Caguioa! at the expense of being thoroughly scouted (and i suspect being a deliberate bait for other team's scouters), he really gave them someting to scout about as he matched 3 pt shot per 3 pt shot made by Chinese Taipei's star player and SBL MVP Lin. This is one of his best games since joining the National Team and he is definitely one of the best players witnessed in Jones Cup this year. yesterday, in the game againt the Qataris, he had a fever yet he still managed to get 14 pts in the first half alone. handsdown to you mark!

and congrats RP TEAM!

RP team's practice session in California photos credit to ron jacobs of PEX (can't get good pics of 2007 Jone's Cup huhu...)

Monday, July 2, 2007

what kind of thinker are you?

got this from anitokid :D what kind of a thinker are you?
You are a charismatic leader who loves to achieve at the highest level.
High Achiever
You are a popular, high-achieving person who relishes being Number 1. Your finishing Number 1 usually rewards you with the leadership that gives you control over other people. You love being the leader. You're also chosen as a leader because you know what you want and where you want yourself and others to go. And those times that the path is not rationally or formally clear, your intuition leads you and others successfully.
You are a visionary who is a logical, pragmatic thinker and planner. You always need three questions answered:
1. "What's the objective or task?" 2. "Why is something happening?" 3. "Who can I develop enough of a relationship with to get something I want accomplished?"

Thinking Systematically
Whatever you are thinking about has to meet the goal-oriented and rational criteria of analytic, precise and systematic thinking with a historical and factual basis. If it does not meet all of these, you first become skeptical and then very intuitively creative in exploring another way to understand the problem and its solution.
You are a pragmatic realist who can get people to do what you want, sometimes without their even knowing it. It's during these moments that you can interact verbally with individuals or groups of associates to motivate them and to let them know what needs to be accomplished, how to proceed and how to team together positively. Then, and only then, are they prepared to receive your directives.

Accomplishing Your Goals
To make your directives clear so that everyone meets or exceeds the total goal successfully and together, you will have to have a detailed plan laid out with user-friendly approaches set up for each person to accomplish each necessary task. Then, you'll have all these directives aligned with the mission, strategies and objectives. And, lastly, you will have to measure how the strategies are being fulfilled and what is making the final outcome successful.

Communicating with Others
On a personal and professional level, people love relating to you, whether it's in person, in a group or over the telephone. They feel safe and secure that you're listening to their needs. You're taking care of business by putting a thorough action plan into place, you're intelligent and creative enough to solve any problems with optional actions, and you're capable of motivating and leading them towards successful outcomes.
haaaaaay....another week starts and i still didn't get enough sleep last weekend huhu :( wat with my sister's birthday and my take home work and my cousin's visit. so much to do so little time!

so here's my sched for the whole week

Monday: nothing much so i guess i'll utilize my time to work on projects and prepare some more for upcoming trainings

Tuesday: another conference meeting with South Africa peeps for DEM & Sub-Sahara markets (hope they show up though, nobody's confirmed yet for the invitation)

Wednesday: my first training as a trainer EVER!!!! i'm getting nervous just thinking about it! am a new hire myself ya know huhu...but i can do it! AJA!

Thursday: whole day training but I can relax since am just a trainee hehe

Friday: another whole day training but just as a trainee again (whew! so much trainings...)

now that leaves me with only a few hours after training to work again on projects. i have deadlines for this july that i have to meet so go go go! (i need energizer hehe).

wish me luck!