Monday, July 2, 2007

haaaaaay....another week starts and i still didn't get enough sleep last weekend huhu :( wat with my sister's birthday and my take home work and my cousin's visit. so much to do so little time!

so here's my sched for the whole week

Monday: nothing much so i guess i'll utilize my time to work on projects and prepare some more for upcoming trainings

Tuesday: another conference meeting with South Africa peeps for DEM & Sub-Sahara markets (hope they show up though, nobody's confirmed yet for the invitation)

Wednesday: my first training as a trainer EVER!!!! i'm getting nervous just thinking about it! am a new hire myself ya know huhu...but i can do it! AJA!

Thursday: whole day training but I can relax since am just a trainee hehe

Friday: another whole day training but just as a trainee again (whew! so much trainings...)

now that leaves me with only a few hours after training to work again on projects. i have deadlines for this july that i have to meet so go go go! (i need energizer hehe).

wish me luck!

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