Tuesday, January 29, 2008

waiting in the conference room

here i am in the conference room holding three things all at once. my laptop, my coffee, and a little black book.

laptop for my work. i will be conducting training for three days. it started yesterday and will last till tomorrow.

my coffee. i went home so late last night due to a long meeting. today, since i am conducting training, i have to wake up early. late night and early morning caused me to feel sooo groggy and i really can't help but take my shot of caffeine even though i have successully sworn off coffee for a month now.

finally, the blackbook of restaurant numbers. why? because like i said in my previous post...one of my friends is leaving the company. i am now planning for her farewell party so i have to call a caterer to serve the meals for her party.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

korean names

Got this post from my friend's blog http://jakemendrez.multiply.com/

My Korean name is: Kang Hye Jin

What's yours?

1. Surname : Korean surname is the
last number in your year of birth.
- 0: Park
- 1: Kim
- 2: Shin
- 3: Choi
- 4: Song
- 5: Kang
- 6: Han
- 7: Lee
- 8: Sung
- 9: Jung

II. Middle name : is your month of
birth .
- 1: Yong
- 2: Ji
- 3: Je
- 4: Hye
- 5: Dong
- 6: Sang
- 7: Ha
- 8: Hyo
- 9: Soo
- 10: Eun
- 11: Hyun
- 12: Rae

III. Name : is your date of birth .
- 1: Hwa
- 2: Woo
- 3: Joon
- 4: Hee
- 5: Kyo
- 6: Kyung
- 7: Wook
- 8: Jin
- 9: Jae
- 10: Hoon
- 11: Ra
- 12: Bin
- 13: Sun
- 14: Ri
- 15: Soo
- 16: Rim
- 17: Ah
- 18: Ae
- 19: Neul
- 20: Mun
- 21: In
- 22: Mi
- 23: Ki
- 24: Sang
- 25: Byung
- 26: Seok
- 27: Gun
- 28: Yoo
- 29: Sup
- 30: Won
- 31: Sub Got this post from someone.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a free day

here i am sitting at my workpod finding myself surprisingly free of work hassles for the day. i finished most of my workload and i still do have some things left to do but i decided to take a 5 mins rest by posting at my blog...

oh well! truth be told i just want an outlet for my depression. i just learned that one dear friend at the office is resigning and some acquaintances as well. people really do go on and i am happy to see them do it. i just feel a little sad that these dear people are going away. parting is a bittersweet experience that constantly happens because people change. i want to learn to accept that.

i wish you luck friends and my heartfelt thanks for the experiences shared.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

it's been a while

since i last posted anything. what with all the christmas prep, parties, and ever increasing workload...i barely have time to sleep! nonetheless, 2007 has been a great year for me. i feel so blessed with all the things that came my way.

there are three things that are constant in my life, the very things that make me who i am. my friends, both old and new, with whom i share my life; my family who knows every facet of my being; and Papa God who keeps me centered and focused.

i hope that in this new year, i will be able to make them feel how much they mean to me.

Happy New Year everyone! =)