Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a free day

here i am sitting at my workpod finding myself surprisingly free of work hassles for the day. i finished most of my workload and i still do have some things left to do but i decided to take a 5 mins rest by posting at my blog...

oh well! truth be told i just want an outlet for my depression. i just learned that one dear friend at the office is resigning and some acquaintances as well. people really do go on and i am happy to see them do it. i just feel a little sad that these dear people are going away. parting is a bittersweet experience that constantly happens because people change. i want to learn to accept that.

i wish you luck friends and my heartfelt thanks for the experiences shared.


CresceNet said...

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Cha said...

hi there crescenet! i accessed the website but it is in Spanish. It looks interesting but is there anyway i can translate it in English?