Tuesday, January 29, 2008

waiting in the conference room

here i am in the conference room holding three things all at once. my laptop, my coffee, and a little black book.

laptop for my work. i will be conducting training for three days. it started yesterday and will last till tomorrow.

my coffee. i went home so late last night due to a long meeting. today, since i am conducting training, i have to wake up early. late night and early morning caused me to feel sooo groggy and i really can't help but take my shot of caffeine even though i have successully sworn off coffee for a month now.

finally, the blackbook of restaurant numbers. why? because like i said in my previous post...one of my friends is leaving the company. i am now planning for her farewell party so i have to call a caterer to serve the meals for her party.



Shiriish said...

hey Cha,
interesting blog, especially the Korean Names.i found you really creative and atleast you not following the rat race.you can for sure add one more fan and admirer to your list.
this is Shiriish, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student and a Consultant/Writer.
you can contact me on: shiriishbohare@yahoo.co.in

Cha said...

hi there shirrish! thanks for appreciating my blog. do you have a blog of your own? i can add it to my blogroll so we can easily visit each other's lives.