Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a day in Pila

It was Oct 12, a day before I am to fly to South Africa when I went in Pila farm to spend an entire day with my family. There really is a different atmosphere in remote areas like the farm. Once everybody stops talking, there are no other sounds that you can hear. You'll really feel that you are in a remote place. The fun part of it though is that you really get to explore other things/places that are not readily available in the city so there I am on my way to explore (hehe) and with me is my cousin Joel who is my companion in this exploration =D

It was really fun since i got to meet "Chivas" the terror of farm dogs and ruler of all farm animals!

"Wan wan" who is the queen of all farm bitches (sorry for the word but she really is a female dog)

"Beauty" the cow who responds only when you call her "Beauty" =D

and "Kabayan" the most friendly pig in the neighborhood

but what was most fun of all was the food that my aunt prepared. it was like fiesta with the tons of food she preared from Crispy Pata to Nilagang Kalabaw, fresh fruits, and some native Pila sweets. Unfortunately, I was too engrossed with the food to bother with taking pictures haha! But we really do look satisfied after eating don't we?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sunday, 6:35 am Phils time,2:35 am Dubai time. I am sitting here rigt now in Emirates Business Class Lounge in Dubai Airport as an "in-transit" passenger going to Johannesburg. A year ago, I wouldn't have thought that I'd be sitting here right now let alone be doing this twice in my 5 months stay in P&G.

I am really thankful for the experience and opportunity to travel. I can say I'm living my dream right now and I am savoring every moment =)

However, this day has been bittersweet for me. My father is an OFW and it used to be me who always brings him to the airport and say goodbye. But today, it was his turn to bid me goodbye as I go on this business trip. What saddened me more was the fact that upon my return, we won't be seeing each other for almost another year as his flight is scheduled this Monday before my return to the country.

Although this is my second business trip and definitely not my first experience to be away from home and my parents, this was the first trip i cried buckets of tears. I am missing my papa already because we barely have enough time as it, i don't even get to spend time with him on his last day of stay here. Mama was on the verge of crying too seeing that i came back three times to hug my Papa and say my goodbyes!

(now I'm getting teary-eyed just typing this)

I've always treated journeys as adventures, something to enjoy and look forward to, and most importantly, something that could help me grow. But I also realized one thing, they can take us away from the people we love. Just like for 20 years now my Papa is away from us more often than he is with us. Just like here I am now, away from my loved ones at a time when I want to be with them the most.

But I guess this is what we go through life particulary when growing up. You have to learn to let go of what is dear and familiar to accommodate new and different experiences. I really am very thankful that God is giving me everything I need, all that I've ever dreamed. And I will continue to cherish all the blessings and treat each journey as a lesson in this fulfilling life.

Thank you papa God! =)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

savoring the prize

as i've posted recently our group, the GBS All Stars, won the championship for P&G's Pension Plan Dancing Competition and with that comes a prize we willingly want to spend. finally, we did that last Friday! yey!

we went first to dinner at a place in greenbelt. it was really fun since we're sharing stories all through out dinner. it was difficult to talk though since there were so many of us sitting in one long table. thus, stories have to be shared by "passing the message" from one end to the other (^_^)

afterwards we went to red box to work out our vocal cords and we sang to the wee hours of morning. we had lots of drama on the side too especially with character actors/actresses in the house. we did our own live music videos while the songs were playing. high school musical, soap opera scenes, dance routine re-enactments to doing it, we've got it! i think you can call it a natural high since we haven't drank anything but beer and iced tea :D

special mention to Chelli, Paula, JM, and Mico who were my companions and breakfast buddies at McDo till sunrise. thanks for the tip, i wasn't scolded that much haha! :D

i really is a good relationship we've developed due to the long hours of practices, shared hardwork and success. i hope there will be a next time :)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

making it in one piece

< that's me after weathering the "TPR" storm. i made it in one piece! slightly disheveled, a little disoriented, somewhat dazed, but still in one piece. although...i admit i really look like teacher in this get up haha! :D

nweiz, just like other presentations i think the best way to prepare is to really know what you put in your slides. panelists tend to dig deeper and you can't get caught not knowing what you meant by what you wrote :) so basically, that's how i prepared.

Monday, October 1, 2007

evaluated and survived

i got my feedback finally.

it was good! :D

hope i'll be able to stay...


done! yes it is over!

i am finished hehe.

now the question is, will i go or will i stay in P&G?

they are now deliberating on the results of my presentation :)



whohoo! i am minutes away from defending myself for regularization. i'll be presenting in front of different panelists (all from higher levels) so wish me luck...

i'll need it...

and waiting really sucks more than the happening...