Sunday, October 14, 2007


Sunday, 6:35 am Phils time,2:35 am Dubai time. I am sitting here rigt now in Emirates Business Class Lounge in Dubai Airport as an "in-transit" passenger going to Johannesburg. A year ago, I wouldn't have thought that I'd be sitting here right now let alone be doing this twice in my 5 months stay in P&G.

I am really thankful for the experience and opportunity to travel. I can say I'm living my dream right now and I am savoring every moment =)

However, this day has been bittersweet for me. My father is an OFW and it used to be me who always brings him to the airport and say goodbye. But today, it was his turn to bid me goodbye as I go on this business trip. What saddened me more was the fact that upon my return, we won't be seeing each other for almost another year as his flight is scheduled this Monday before my return to the country.

Although this is my second business trip and definitely not my first experience to be away from home and my parents, this was the first trip i cried buckets of tears. I am missing my papa already because we barely have enough time as it, i don't even get to spend time with him on his last day of stay here. Mama was on the verge of crying too seeing that i came back three times to hug my Papa and say my goodbyes!

(now I'm getting teary-eyed just typing this)

I've always treated journeys as adventures, something to enjoy and look forward to, and most importantly, something that could help me grow. But I also realized one thing, they can take us away from the people we love. Just like for 20 years now my Papa is away from us more often than he is with us. Just like here I am now, away from my loved ones at a time when I want to be with them the most.

But I guess this is what we go through life particulary when growing up. You have to learn to let go of what is dear and familiar to accommodate new and different experiences. I really am very thankful that God is giving me everything I need, all that I've ever dreamed. And I will continue to cherish all the blessings and treat each journey as a lesson in this fulfilling life.

Thank you papa God! =)


THE ANiTOKiD said...

You're living your dream, dear! We're so very proud of you! I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!

No worries! Who knows, you may just have a chance or two to visit him at work, right? Possible next year! And I kid you not!

kat said...

and it's not like you won't see your dad forever. so no goodbyes, only see-you-laters :)

Cha said...

hi kat, hope oks ka na :D sa akin kc, no time like the present. gs2 ko tlga sulitin kaya eto nagd-drama ako!

anitokid > thanks! :D