Sunday, October 7, 2007

savoring the prize

as i've posted recently our group, the GBS All Stars, won the championship for P&G's Pension Plan Dancing Competition and with that comes a prize we willingly want to spend. finally, we did that last Friday! yey!

we went first to dinner at a place in greenbelt. it was really fun since we're sharing stories all through out dinner. it was difficult to talk though since there were so many of us sitting in one long table. thus, stories have to be shared by "passing the message" from one end to the other (^_^)

afterwards we went to red box to work out our vocal cords and we sang to the wee hours of morning. we had lots of drama on the side too especially with character actors/actresses in the house. we did our own live music videos while the songs were playing. high school musical, soap opera scenes, dance routine re-enactments to doing it, we've got it! i think you can call it a natural high since we haven't drank anything but beer and iced tea :D

special mention to Chelli, Paula, JM, and Mico who were my companions and breakfast buddies at McDo till sunrise. thanks for the tip, i wasn't scolded that much haha! :D

i really is a good relationship we've developed due to the long hours of practices, shared hardwork and success. i hope there will be a next time :)

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

A well-deserved treat for the winners! Again, congratulations on the win!