Sunday, May 18, 2008

three things that last

faith, hope, and love are said to be the 3 things that endure and considered to be the greatest gifts of all.

but through these gifts, we are also made to feel what we cannot have and what we already lost.

the heart is especially made to feel LOVE regardless if we fall willingly or unwillingly or if it's right or wrong. the heart continues to pine for this love because it clings to the HOPE that someday, this love will be given back. and lastly, the heart holds on to this love and hope on the basis of an unshakeable FAITH that we deserve what we long for too.

but if there are somethings that are not meant to be, somethings that can never be why then do we have faith, hope, and love?

let me answer my own question...i have faith, hope, and love to tide me over to the time when I finally find the things that are meant for me, the things that are to be. but until then, i'll cling to these three gifts that God has given me and be forever grateful to thee.

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