Thursday, February 7, 2008

being a sports person

what does it feel like to be a sports person? apparently, to find out...i must suffer lots of aches and bruises the past weekend to experience being one haha! :D

we had a badminton tournament for P&G FinSol people. i had doubts in participating. why? prior to the tournament, i was dead tired for i had less than 6 hrs of sleep in 48 hrs then i have to get up again to join the tournament. i was actually torn. i like to participate in the tournament because i want to do some physical activity after days and weeks of sticking myself in the office chair (call it massage chair too since i often stay in the massage room). i have also committed to being an umpire in the tournament and i sooo do not want to let the "umpire team" down. on the other hand, like i said, i was dead tired. it turns out, being dead tired is less important than bonding with the FinSol Team so i decided to go :D

in the end, i did not regret going since i actually got to see different sides of my officemates when they are at play. apparently, people in P&G particularly in FinSol, really do have passion for winning be it in work or at play. what made it more special was that our team won (surpsrise! surprise!) but admittedly, i did not contribute much since i only played 2 games and lost both (loser!hehe...), i did more umpiring instead.

so here are a few pictures of me (mostly just posing and not really playing haha! :D) and a few picures of my friends too.

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Kat said...

Poser. HAha. Cute poses naman, in fairness ^-^