Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tagaytay weekend

april 6, Saturday

i was in tagaytay with my friends to give a tour for our foreigner teammate. the nearest toursit spot is in Tagaytay so we took him there.

we had lunch at Josephine's and it was really great since you get good value for money not to metion the spectacular view. afterwards, we roamed around nearby famous places like Calaruega and Sonya's Garden. going home, we dropped by Rowena's to buy their famous "Buko Tart". seems like our foreigner friend, Jeeth, enjoyed the day too.

april 7, Sunday

i was again in Tagaytay to treat my family for my birthday which is the following day, April 8. since my dining experience in Josephine's was so good, i decided to bring them there.

afterwards, we went to People's Park in the Sky to bond some more and tell each other of what's the latest in our lives. it truned out to be a very relaxing day as i get to spend another summer day in the colder climes of Tagaytay.

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