Friday, February 16, 2007


this marks the beginning of a new path for me after a disastrous employment experience. i hope that experience wud be the last in a long and satisfying career i plan to have.

i already met my new co-workers and they are a bunch of interesting people with varied personalities. i regret to leave my old friends, now former officemates, behind although i know 2 myself that i won't forget dem.

now i plan to forge ahead and remain optimistic with new people, new things, and new experiences coming my way. wish me luck guys! :D


Anonymous said...

It couldn't have been that disastrous I'm sure. But lucky for is they invented the calendar. It a new year. Time for a fresh start! Kung hei fat choi!

The Broken Bow said...

Yeah! Great things start from small beginnings. - milo

co0kiechipmÜnk said...

oh cha, sweet sweet cha!

i like the color of your blog heehee... but's a little too pink for my taste, my room has enough pink as it it...

and i'm sure you'll do great in this job, cooking/baking session tayo soon!

or magdadala ako ng aking chewy choco chip cookies soon Ü papatikim ko sa inyo, my boyfriend's obsessed about it, every week may supply siya I bake for him ;p

keep on going! (hehe, quoting mr. manolo ;p)

cha said...

trying to customize it mana, i'm not a fan of too much pink myself but hehe (although it doesn't look lyk it ryt now) but ds is d template closest to being feminine hehe :D will customize it soon. cge ba! patikim ako ng cookies mo :D

KIM said...

good luck girl!! i know you can do anything as long as you put your heart into it.... Life goes on........=)..