Friday, February 23, 2007

red bull ang lakas!

*credits to anitokid for the picture (dat's Sam and me :D)

i didn't have any sleep since yesterday when i drank that red bull-vodka mix of a drink. it is around noon this time while i'm writing this post and i still don't feel like sleeping. rili! i am already insomniac as it is that is why i am abstaining from drinking coffee. i knew that i'll regret drinking that red bull mix, knowing that it would have a stronger effect than coffee, still I did. damn my adventurous spirit! argh!!! now i feel like a zombie.

i wish i knew of this drink back when i was trading, could've stayed up 24/5 (5 days, not 7 coz we dnt trade on weekends). oh well! nothing i can do to bring back those hellish days hehe....

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

after all that's been said and done; you're still what you are: one cool girl!