Monday, February 19, 2007

being a god parent...

came Sunday, i was on my way to my very first ceremony as a god parent. my first god child's name is earl eugene who's the son of a close friend from my previous job.

i was looking forward to the ceremony coz i was wondering what it would be like, or feel like, then i knew...

...i felt stupid haha!'s not that i am proud of it or anything coz i really felt stupid at that time. there i was feeling all solemn coz i am about to become responsible for someone else's faith and so confident because i am assured in my own faith then suddenly, the priest goes like, "what are the 7 Sacraments?" So i smiled to myself, enumerated them in my mind and lo and behold! i was only able to name 4:

anointing of the sick

i mean how stupid was that? i grew up in a catholic school and raised by catholic parents yet i forgot the other sacraments which, by the way, i took for granted because they are regularly taken or received on Sundays! ugh!'s a link for those of you honest enough to admit that you forgot them as well haha! 7 Sacraments. going back, of course the priest's question led to the discussion of my responsibilities to my god child and i've learned that i will not only have to rear his faith but mine as well. i know that being able to enumerate the 7 Sacraments doesn't make up faith but its a start...:)

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paintsketch said...

Don't worry!!! There are times when even the simplest question you can't answer. These are when you least expected them or when you are caught in the situation. ;-)